How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

What is the Age Requirement for Buying Condoms?

The restriction on purchasing many “adult” products often confuses people on the minimum age to purchase condoms. The simple truth of the matter is there is no age restriction in the United States for a person to purchase condoms. Legally, anyone can purchase condoms anywhere they are available.The age barriers to purchasing condoms are usually attributed to either the maturity of the purchaser or the discretion of the seller. With regard to the purchaser, many younger would-be condom buyers feel embarrassed and nervous about going into a store to purchase condoms. This anxiety is amplified when confronted with a wide selection including flavored condoms, various sizes, and diverse texture characteristics. Coupling the insecurities of an adolescent mind with positive and negative social pressures related to purchasing condoms can be overwhelming. However, rest assured that these are self imposed limitations and do not reflect the actual rights of any consumer of any age to purchase condoms.

Another possible barrier to the sale of condoms is related to the policies of the store. A store is a private entity that can refuse the sale of anything to anyone at their own discretion. In cases where this refusal is based on a prejudice against a particular group, there is legal recourse that can be filed against the company. However, the possibility of a minor following the steps to sue a company for refusal to sell to them is unlikely so many stores feel comfortable in promoting their own bias in determining an appropriate age for the sale of condoms. This kind of behavior has prompted wide discussion, but sometimes it ends with a staunch clerk and an embarrassed minor.

While there is no age required in the purchase of condoms or flavored condoms, personal prejudices can impede the transaction. Minors must exercise maturity to buy condoms in public stores. If the clerk refuses to sell the condoms, minors can voice with certainty that there is no legal age restriction but may end up having to take their business elsewhere.

The growing convenience of the internet is helping many minors to circumvent this awkward and potentially embarrassing situation all together. Since there is no legal age restriction on the purchase of condoms, online suppliers are not required to confirm the age of the buyer. Purchasing condoms from vending machines is also an option many pursue. For any age, there is always a way to buy condoms.

27 August, 2011 (22:24) | Age To Buy Condoms, Condom Availability, Condom Blog