Tastee’s Condoms Celebrates National Condom Month

Tastee’s Condoms, the original brand of flavored condoms, joined the rest of the world this past February to advocate awareness against unprotected sex during National Condom Month. In celebration of the month, Tastee’s Condoms donated 1,000 condoms to a non-profit, sexual health organization.

“National Condom Month has become a tool to help educate young adults about the serious risks involved with unprotected sex,” David of Tastee’s Condoms said. “This includes catching and spreading sexually transmitted diseases, like HIV, as well as unwanted pregnancies.”

National Condom Month was started by students at the University of California-Berkeley in 1978 during Valentine’s Day week. Since then, the celebration has grown to become an educational event for high schools, colleges, family planning organizations, AIDS groups, STD awareness groups, pharmacies and condom manufacturers.

FlavoredCondoms.org also joined in the awareness month by including a free male herbal supplement for every order of Tastee’s Condoms.

Tastee’s Condoms have been manufactured in the U.S. since 1991 and is FDA approved and individually tested to exceed all international standards for durability. Customers may buy condoms in an assortment of packages and flavors, including banana, strawberry, grape and more. Tastee’s Condoms also supplies wholesale condoms for convenience stores, adult stores, etc.

For more information about National Condom Month or any of Tastee’s Condoms’ products, call 855-208-3106 or view the condom wholesaler on the web at Tastee’s Wholesale Condoms.

About Tastee’s Condoms

Located in San Francisco, Tastee’s Condoms is one of the best-selling condoms in the U.S. and is known to be the first creator of flavored condoms. The Tastee’s Condoms brand was acquired in 2011 by a San Francisco adult novelty company with 12 years of experience in the industry. Tastee’s Condoms is expanding its market and will soon be introducing a natural condom, a ribbed and studded condom, an Atomic Sour flavored condom and more.

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Tastee’s Condoms In the News

Read the article here – http://www.prweb.com/releases/best-condom/san-francisco/prweb8843682.htm

Tastee’s Condoms Plans to Donate 100,000 Condoms to Developing Countries

Tastee’s Condoms announce its plan to provide 100,000 condoms to developing countries by the end of 2012.

San Francisco’s best condom company, Tastee’s Condoms has recently changed ownership, the new owners plan to donate 100,000 condoms to developing countries by the end of next year and spread awareness of the benefits of condom use.

Tastee’s Condoms has started the “Condom for Condom” campaign to help raise the necessary resources to send 100,000 condoms to developing countries. For every condom that Tastee’s sells, the company will donate one condom to the cause.

“We took a look at the stats, as best we could, for worldwide condom use, and we found that there is a real need for condoms in developing countries as the spread of HIV is still increasing in most of these countries. As manufacturers of FDA approved condoms we felt we had a responsibility to try and make our high quality product available to these people. However, we are prohibited from making a profit on the sale of condoms in those countries, so we just thought, ‘let’s give them away.’ It’s the right thing to do.”

Tastee’s Condoms of San Francisco were first sold in 1991 after becoming the first purely flavored condoms to be approved by the FDA. Tastees intends to expand the company and improve its distribution. Tastees are actively seeking additional channels for distribution across the country and around the world and investors to help support continued brand growth.

For more information, visit http://www.tasteescondoms.com, call 888-852-2833 or email pr(at)tasteescondoms(dot)com.

About Tastee’s Condoms

Tastee’s Condoms has been in business for more than two decades. The company specializes in the sale of wholesale condoms, both flavored and unflavored. Under the new management, Tastee’s seeks to expand to a more mainstream market and become a widely recognized brand.

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How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

What is the Age Requirement for Buying Condoms?

The restriction on purchasing many “adult” products often confuses people on the minimum age to purchase condoms. The simple truth of the matter is there is no age restriction in the United States for a person to purchase condoms. Legally, anyone can purchase condoms anywhere they are available.The age barriers to purchasing condoms are usually attributed to either the maturity of the purchaser or the discretion of the seller. With regard to the purchaser, many younger would-be condom buyers feel embarrassed and nervous about going into a store to purchase condoms. This anxiety is amplified when confronted with a wide selection including flavored condoms, various sizes, and diverse texture characteristics. Coupling the insecurities of an adolescent mind with positive and negative social pressures related to purchasing condoms can be overwhelming. However, rest assured that these are self imposed limitations and do not reflect the actual rights of any consumer of any age to purchase condoms.

Another possible barrier to the sale of condoms is related to the policies of the store. A store is a private entity that can refuse the sale of anything to anyone at their own discretion. In cases where this refusal is based on a prejudice against a particular group, there is legal recourse that can be filed against the company. However, the possibility of a minor following the steps to sue a company for refusal to sell to them is unlikely so many stores feel comfortable in promoting their own bias in determining an appropriate age for the sale of condoms. This kind of behavior has prompted wide discussion, but sometimes it ends with a staunch clerk and an embarrassed minor.

While there is no age required in the purchase of condoms or flavored condoms, personal prejudices can impede the transaction. Minors must exercise maturity to buy condoms in public stores. If the clerk refuses to sell the condoms, minors can voice with certainty that there is no legal age restriction but may end up having to take their business elsewhere.

The growing convenience of the internet is helping many minors to circumvent this awkward and potentially embarrassing situation all together. Since there is no legal age restriction on the purchase of condoms, online suppliers are not required to confirm the age of the buyer. Purchasing condoms from vending machines is also an option many pursue. For any age, there is always a way to buy condoms.

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The Effectiveness of Condoms

A condom is a thin covering that is placed over the penis during sexual intercourse. Condoms have been around since the 1860s, which makes them one of the oldest forms of contraception there is. This form of contraception has changed greatly over the past few years and flavored condoms are now available for use.

Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. However, it is important to note that condoms are not 100 percent effective. There have been many cases reported where a woman still got pregnant despite the fact that a condom was used. There have also been cases where one partner contracted a sexually transmitted disease with a condom.

When used consistently and correctly, the chance of getting pregnant with a condom is about 2-3 percent. This means that 2 or 3 women out of 100 will get pregnant despite using a condom consistently and correctly every time. If a couple typically uses a condom, the chance of pregnancy is between 10-18 percent.

The World Health Organization has stated that when condoms are used consistently and correctly, the chance of catching a STD is reduced by 80-95 percent. The perfect use of condoms also reduces the chance of catching HIV by 1 percent. Additionally, the HPV virus, which is the virus that causes cervical cancer has been a cause for concern over the past few years. Studies have also shown that condoms reduce the chance of catching the HPV virus by 70 percent.

One of the most common reasons that condoms fail is incorrect usage. Condoms are only meant to be used one time and for that reason people should make sure that they use a new condom every time that they have sex. Lubrication is often used during sex, but it is important to note that the use of lubrication can increase the chance of the condom slipping or breaking.

People should also make sure that they check the date of the condom. An expired condom can possibly be less effective. People who use a condom the correct way every time have a much greater chance of preventing an unwanted pregnancy and/or STD.

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Do Condoms Prevent STDs

Condoms come in all different kinds. There are ribbed, different colors, flavored condoms and even glow in the dark condoms. If you want you can find warming condoms and edible ones. There are large size condoms and smaller size condoms. Be sure to pick one that will fit you effectively. Condoms that are to thick or to thin have been found to be ineffective. You must be sure, however, to check the package and see what the FDA states regarding pregnancy and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. You should also look and make sure that the expiration date has not passed.

If you properly use a condom you will limit the risks of a sexually transmitted disease. However, the risk is not totally eliminated. The key to reducing the risk can be considered the two C’s. You do not have to just use the condom consistently, you have to use it correctly. Latex condoms are considered very good. They provide a great barrier to pathogens that could cause a sexually transmitted disease.Recently, polyurethane condom, made of plastic has come on the market. These have been found to break more frequently than latex condom. So, when you use this type, the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease is increased. Lambskin condoms are not very effective in decreasing sexually transmitted diseases. These two types of condoms are also very expensive. Expensive and less effective do not necessarily equate.

Always wear a condom or flavored condoms when you are going to be sexually active, especially if you do not know your partner well. One thing that many people do not know is that a man can get a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex, so he should use a condom even then. So, gentlemen put it on before there is any contact. Also, when you are done, dispose of it immediately.

So, when you know your partner well enough and are ready to be intimate, make sure you are prepared with the correct size, texture and flavor that she will like. You will be glad you were prepared and save a lot of heartbreak in the long run.

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